Vera Pilo referral system


You have the opportunity to know the hand-fans Vera Pilo your friends. To do this go to your account, under "sponsorship".

Provide information of your friends, your family or anyone around you.
Each "godson" will receive an email prompting the hand-fans to discover and become Vera Pilo client.
At 1 purchase your godson it will benefit from a 5 € discount on the order provided that the order reaches a minimum of 30 €.

Once the order of your godson validated and spent a period of 7 days you will receive as a "sponsor" a reward worth € 5.
To transform your reward voucher, go to your account, under "referral".

Enter the code of your voucher to step 1 "summary" of your order. An order for 30 € plus postage minimum be required to use this award of € 5.
You can sponsor as many people as you like. "